About Us

Joseph Mbeh

As a visionary entrepreneur, Joseph Mbeh has spent a great deal of his life innovating and discovering new ideas. He is known for his passionate drive and amazing ability to focus. Not only does he come up with creative ideas, he’s also the type of person to follow through with those very ideas.

A hard worker, he gets things done and doesn’t stop until he’s completely satisfied with the end result. Joseph is a classically trained painter and graduate from the prestigious Cooper Union and currently uses his talents to provoke change through the fashion and real estate industries. He started his own business, Fourfront, in order to do just that.

With a desire to change and impact the lives of others, he runs his business with authenticity and compassion. There’s nothing more important than the customer and everything he creates is designed with others in mind.

His high-end men’s dress shirts are made in Turkey and you can even find Joseph painting or creating the digital art for most of his shirts. He is truly involved with his business from design to exceptional quality to customer satisfaction. It’s important to him that every garment is handcrafted and unique, expressing his own passion for life in even the smallest details. Because he loves what he does, you can find Joseph creating even in his spare time.

Whether it’s a new design or simply drawing something for enjoyment, he loves to immerse himself in the world of art. When he’s not working his magic in the creative world, however, you can also find him spending time with his family. Those are the two things he loves most about life—people … and art.